Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ontario NDP: friggin useless

The Ontario NDP has passed a resolution to repeal Bill 115 if elected, but this is not advanced by Horwath as central to the NDP being an alternative to the Liberals or Tories.

Bill 115 has been the single most important issue in Ontario politics for three straight months and the legislature is prorogued. Where are the NDP MPPs and organizers criss-crossing the province building support for the teachers? For the repeal of Bill 115? For other substantive reforms that would make Ontario a better place for all?

Instead, Horwath wants to keep consulting Ontarians and waiting for little windows of opportunity to "cooperate" with the ruling party "right or left". Talk about pissing away an opportunity when the Liberals are in disarray. Talk about abandoning the need for a social justice alternative as the Tories aggressively promote their agenda of slashing public spending, public sector jobs, pensions (ie: deferred wages) and worker rights.

This approach is so incredibly short-sighted it beggars belief. There is a strong possibility of an election in February or March and the Tories lead the polls. The NDP is not loudly advancing an unwavering pro-labour agenda against an existing anti-union Liberal minority or the anti-union "right-to-work" Tories.

With right-to-work in Michigan, Bill C-377 being passed federally, and Hudak leading the polls, now is the time to pick a side and abandon the dead-end politics of "cooperation", of optics, of triangulation, of "respectability".

If anyone can convincingly explain to me what the hell goes on amongst Ontario NDP strategists, I'll buy them a beer. We desperately need to build a real left electoral alternative that can also play a constructive and unwavering role in supporting extra-parliamentary struggles.
Depressing sources:
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