Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fire Margaret Wente

Margaret Wente, the 37-year veteran journalist, and thrice-weekly columnist for the Globe and Mail is a serial plagiarist.

Yet, the Globe and Mail has failed to fire her after retreating from a first pathetic response which effectively dismissed the iron-clad proof of Wente's plagiarism. A first-year university student is open to expulsion if they plagiarize. If they're lucky, they'll get an F on the assignment, a stern warning and a note on their student record. Wente, as a professional veteran journalist for Canada's so-called "national newspaper" should have been fired for this.

The Globe and Mail has hit an incredible new low, and not even in its gross political standards. This is a matter of base-level professional standards and academic standards.

Yet, the Globe continues to publish ridiculous apologetics like this bullshit from Kelly McBride with the opening paragraph:
"Professional journalism isn’t facing a plagiarism problem. It’s facing an originality failure."

A journalist, including columnists, don't need to have an original thought published in their life. They simply need to cite their sources clearly. End of story.

Fire Margaret Wente.

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