Saturday, May 12, 2012

A response to the Globe's pro-scab editorial

In response to a horrible anti-union editorial by the Globe and Mail, I wrote this letter to the editor. It wasn't published, but I'm not surprised.
re: "B.C. teachers who put students ahead of labour dispute are heroes" (editorial, May 10, 2012) 
If the BC Teachers Federation is to be criticized for sanctioning those members who choose to break the union principle of solidarity during a labour dispute, where is the Globe and Mail's opposition to the devastating financial sanctions associated with the BC government's Bill 22; a bill which violates the right to strike and collective bargaining? 
Furthermore, how can one laud those teachers who choose to ignore the BCTF work-to-rule campaign because of the benefits to students, without praising the BCTF's demands for smaller classroom sizes? It is the BC government, not the BCTF, that is seeking to curtail the ability of teachers to improve working conditions including those intimately tied to learning conditions.

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